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References according to performance of wind turbines managed worldwide with WIS software, status Sep. 2018

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For more than 15 years our customers have been reliably and sustainably positioned with softenergy software solutions and services in commercial and operational management as well as in service and maintenance area.

With our constantly growing product portfolio you can increase your market value.

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Company profile

Due to the progressive and increasing requirements of the wind energy industry, the idea was born to develop a software that should combine the most diverse working areas for operational management and monitoring of wind turbines and farms. In order to implement this idea and creating a project, softenergy GmbH was founded in Rostock (Germany) in 2004 by an innovative and young team.

WIS – Windenergy Information System – was developed and as well as our tasks and requirements for programming, sales, integration, administration and service for this new application software in the IT sector of renewable energies. The focus of our management software WIS has been on wind energy sector from the very beginning. Of course, WIS has been extended by many features and the usability has been improved during the last 15 years. In the meantime, our software has developed into a comprehensive and scalable web application that offers special functions, such as load management or individual reporting, in addition to the day-to-day tasks of commercial and operational management.

Apart from market orientation in the German-speaking area, our software is also internationally established. The Windenergy Information System has consolidated and expanded its market position over the last 15 years due to its constant further development, its wide range of features and its innovative usability. Our challenges for future developing management solutions for operators are mainly strong competition, technological innovations and growing customer requirements as well as legal regulations in the fields of renewable energies.

With the development of the mobile solution “WIS2Go” in 2013, we were already able to make great progress towards today’s requirements in the mobile development sector. Of course we will continue providing expansions and new products in order to simplify work processes, increase productivity and minimize costs at the same time.

It is our challenge to answer your questions of today with our solutions of tomorrow. Let us go together into future and develop the appropriate solutions for your needs.

Our software products


Our main product is a web-based software solution called WIS. It is developed for commercial and operational management, administration and control of wind turbines and farms.

Mobile software solution as an extension for WIS. It includes features such as “Mobile Monitoring”, “Digital Inspection” and “Statistics”.

Communication solution for distributing data from one WIS system to another, or to third-party interfaces, such as FTP, MySQL databases, and many more.

Central communication solution for retrieving and sending operating data without the need of an installation at a wind turbine or in a farm.

Alternative, decentralized communication solution for retrieving and sending operating data with the need of an installation in a wind turbine or in a farm.

Dedicated calculation server for WIS System. Reduces the load on the system by handling outsourced calculation tasks.