Windenergy Information System

Commercial and operational management 4.0 - Digitalisation in one solution

WIS Desktop Funktionen

The Windenergy Information System is our main product and supports you as a central web platform for worldwide monitoring and evaluations on your wind turbines and farms. The modular management software is similar designed as an operating system, which enables an intuitive user experience and a fast initial induction. Due to its numerous customisation options, WIS is user friendly and scalable for almost everyone. That also means that smaller and medium-sized companies as well as large groups are optimally suited to this web application. With WIS we enable you to increase efficiency of your own portfolio, optimise work processes and minimise costs at the same time. Additionally, 5 different languages and about 100 modules are available to display all features on your screen.


Documentation (logbook)

Chronological view of all appearing status codes for each wind turbine or farm. Manual changes or adjustments to the logbook will be automatically documented by the system

Remote Control & Monitoring

Check wind turbine and farm states on a single glance. React quickly and securely to incoming events

Comprehensive & flexible reporting

Flexible report design for content and timeframes. In addition to preset formats, content can be individually adjusted and presented

Automated data collection

Configuration and definition of scheduled time intervals allow the system to execute data collection requests

Analyses & Evaluations

Various features like comparisons of measurement data, analysis of various performance curves, raw data validation and visualisation

Load management

Creating invoices for load management in consideration of different regulatory requirements

Service tools

Use of various features or accessories to manage tasks efficiently (e.g. component overview, last status, to-do list, notes, etc.)

High adaptability

Personalise your GUI configuration, create perspectives for different fields of work, design your individual workflow environment according to your needs

and much more

With a total of almost 100 modules, WIS always has the right feature for most diverse tasks

Functional overview

WIS - Functional overview

ways of communication

In combination with the WIScom, WIS is able to receive or send operating data of wind turbines and farms. It does not require a separate installation. In order to work with the operating and measurement data, user-defined and scheduled requests can be transferred to WIScom, which receives them and stores all data in the WIS database. These settings can be saved in the system so that data can be automatically requested. This can be done independently for each individual turbine type, single turbine or farm.

Furthermore the data request of WIScom is defined by 3 parameters:

  1. selected data class (status data, 10-min-Data, daily data, monthly data, …)
  2. farm/turbine selection
  3. selected timeframe

This data is provided to the end-user by the WIS in a user-friendly environment for further processing.

WISout is the decentralized communication solution that consolidates and forwards data. It is an alternative to our WIScom solution and works completely independent from the manufacturer’s remote data transmission solution. WISout provides all data of the SCADA interface which is processed efficiently by intelligent compression algorithms and transmitted almost in real time. From a technical point of view the wind farm is supplied with specialized third-party hardware or the turbine manufacturer provides a specific interface. In a following step all collected data will be unified, validated and archived by WISout.

comparing both products


  • Central Operation
  • Support of many SCADA-Interfaces
  • Scalable architecture
  • Turbine- and WIS-Notifications(Push, SMS, Mail, AlarmCalls)


  • Decentralised operation
  • Manufacturer independent
  • Data security
  • Unified CSV
  • Support of available data parameters in WISout database
  • Simultaneous data transfer to central WISout datase
  • support of current data (30-second-data)
WIScom - data model

Scalabe Addon


Outsourcing - WIScalc handles unlimited calculations from WIS

The workload of WIS increases with the handled number of turbines and users as well as the frequency of data requests. In order to be able to calculate and display all information in a stable and high-performance environment, WIScalc is the extension to meet the appropriate requirements.

Thus we can provide you a solution for your growing portfolio by simultaneously scaling the system. As well as an unlimited number of communication solutions, an unlimited number of WIScalc servers can be installed to guarantee a consistent quality of user experience. Also the communication between WIS and other third-party systems (e.g. via web services) can generate a higher load for WIS, which makes the use of WIScalc also recommendable.


  • Unlimited outsourcing of WIS calculations
  • Increasing stability & performance of WIS, as well as the quality of the user experience