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Mobile Geräte

On the move with WIS2Go – Energy industry builds on a fast and professional support for wind tubrines and farms. With the mobile application WIS2Go we offer a range of solutions for operators, investors, service companies and many more. As with the WIS, the mobile application has a modular design and offers a wide range of features. It is developed for Apples and Googles operating systems and is free available for downloading. You can use WIS2Go as long as the corresponding license has been purchased and activated in the WIS system. Please also note our technical requirements.



Compact view of master data for the respective turbine or farm selection which is stored in the WIS system


Digital documentation of (visual) inspections or maintenance, synchronization of defects and further information


Tracking of service and maintenance work on wind turbines with automatic transfer of these to the registration list in WIS system


Acquisition and administration of defects (automatic synchronization with defect tracking in WIS)

Power Plant Status

Quick overview with initial information about status, wind and performance values of your wind turbines and farms (table and map view possible)


Evaluations of production values in comparison to forecast values in annual, monthly and daily views


Get informed by WIS system and react faster to events

and much more

Zukünftig werden weitere Module zur Verfügung stehen

service 2go

Like WIS systems, WIS2Go has a modular and modern design.

With various modules you can monitor wind turbines and farms. This allows short response times for different tasks. Standstills or other faults are also displayed clearly. Defects and inspections can be tracked digitally. These and other data are automatically synchronized with the WIS. Furthermore, you can display yields in different timeframes graphically or in tabular form.

Mobile Geräte

technical requirements


- device type: iPhone and iPad
- iOS 11.4 or higher
- min. 2 GB RAM
- min. 1 GB memory
- GPS-transmitter (optional)


- device type: tablet and smartphone
- Android 5.1 ir higher
- min. 2 GB RAM
- min. 1 GB memory
- GPS-transmitter (optional)
- Google Play Store access
- Google Play Services

WIS2Go for Apple® iOS Google Android™

You can install and use WIS2Go on all devices that are equipped with either Apple or Google operating systems.

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