Data exchange...

... between heterogeneous systems.

Our WISbroker platform provides you with a simple data exchange solution between different systems, just-in-time or time-controlled. Data is converted into the appropriate target format (e.g. SQL, CSV, MSCONS, …) and temporarily stored for security purposes to avoid data transmission errors.

One source can send data via WISbroker to multiple destinations (e.g. databases, FTP servers, mail servers, WIS, …) simultaneously and in different formats. This solution can be used for data transfer to direct marketer databases or to collect WIS operational data. WIS systems can also communicate with each other using WISbroker to enable collaboration between operational business companies.

Further use cases could be:

  • additional backups
  • Data transmission to forecasting service providers
  • Connection to third-party solutions


Data transfer

Automatic data transfer to heterogeneous IT systems

Support of various data formats

csv, xml, xls, ...

Temporary cache

Central buffering of data while transferring data -> security and performance improvement

Configurable communication

time-triggered & Just-in-Time-triggered data collection


direct data exchange between several WIS systems to enable collaboration between different operators


WISbroker can be installed and used independently of a WIS installation


Simultaneous transmission to multiple destinations in various formats

Function overview

WISbroker - data model