softenergy’s 4th WIS UserGroup with exciting presentations and interesting conversations

On Wednesday 8th October our clients could gain insight current and future projects.

Most of our customers accepted our invitation and participated in the 4th WIS UserGroup in Rostock-Warnemünde. The WIS UserGroup is a popular event to meet colleagues and to exchange experiences.
Besides current and future topics also new projects in WIS have been presented. Topics as the new monitoring possibility “Standstill Overview”, the module for a flexible and widespread reporting (“Report Manager”) and the functions of the new WIS2Go-App have been introduced. Also guest speaker Dr. Harald Jung (IZP Dresden mbH) has shown with the research project CECK-RE (Condition-Event-Cause-Key) how theory and practice can be combined reasonably in WIS. A discussion round at the end of the day was used to determine common aims for the future.
The mutual exchange with our clients is an important aspect for the enhancements of WIS and sometimes the essential impulse for new and forward-looking developments. Because of that we would like to say thank you for the participation of our clients and the interesting talks and would be glad to welcome you again next year.

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