New impulses for the wind branch – softenergy founds the WIS-UserGroup

User Group

On the 28th of January 2009, softEnergy arranged together with their customers an impressive event that will bring new innovative impulses in the wind branch. The customers of softEnergy that consist of many different actors from the wind industry came together in Rostock on this day to find solution methods for the daily challenges of the wind branch. It was observed that everyone has to manage similar problems – operators, owners, planning offices, service companies or even wind turbine manufacturers.

Some of these challenges were presented on this day and different solution methods were discussed. Samples of the presented topics were: “Communication problems -> Different possible solution methods” or “Problem-oriented work instead of task-oriented work -> Presentation of the new and flexible WIS 5.0 solution”. But not only softEnergy presented their innovations and solutions. Stephan Jacobsen, head of the technical operation management division of Energiequelle GmbH in Bremen, presented the solution “Open Failure Analysis” which promises big potentials for all members of the wind energy branch. This world wide unique software module allows owners and operators (or others) of wind turbines to search in a central database for failure codes with high occurrences and also to check if other owners or operators with the same wind turbine type have the same problems.

Finally, all visitors of the event got a lot of knowledge through the presentations and also through experience reports in a following discussion round. Already at the end of the event, all visitors had the same position that this impressive day created a community of interests that will be heftily heating up the wind branch in the near future. 

This new and growing community of interests is called “WIS UserGroup“.

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